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Business hosting

LeapDigi offers secure and reliable Business Hosting solutions starting from $5.00, ensuring optimal performance for your website.


Storage capacity: 20GB

Monthly Bandwidth: 100GB

Database: 20

Total Websites: 20

WordPress hosting 40X Speed

Experience seamless WordPress hosting with LeapDigi, starting from $4.00, for a robust and optimized platform for your website.


Server capacity: 10GB

Bandwidth limit: 100GB

Database: 50

Total Websites: 50

Malware free hosting

LeapDigi offers Malware-Free Hosting starting from $5.00, dedicated to safeguarding your website with a primary focus on proactive malware protection.


Storage capacity: 10GB

Monthly transfer limit: 100GB

ProActive Defence: Active

Dedicated Support: Yes

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The Best Dedicated servers

LeapDigi offers exceptionally powerful and cost-effective Dedicated Servers, ideal for hosting 100+ websites with unparalleled performance and affordability.

Malware Removal Service

LeapDigi offers an additional service to effectively remove malware from your WordPress websites, ensuring a secure and clean online environment.